Why I look after my physical well-being

If you were about to go on a long holiday on a boat, across vast oceans in potentially treacherous conditions, would you think ” Meh…I’m not that worried about the stability of the vessel” or “Damn I better check that the motor is running smoothly, the running gear is up to scratch and the oil and fuel are in prime condition!”

I consider my body to be the the vehicle my soul uses to experience this physical reality, and my soul wants the full package!

Over the years, as I gave up drinking, smoking, taking drugs and eating crap (I still have my weaknesses :)), comments were made to me along the lines of “why are you so extreme?” or “moderation in all things is better” I found myself becoming that girl…you know, the one justifying and defending herself, over explaining her decisions and in doing so, sounding like an overzealous git.

On reflection, what I wish I said is…”I want to know what it feels like to live at my fullest potential. I want make the most of every second of my life. I don’t want to wake up feeling like shit anymore. I want to move with grace and ease when I’m very old and I want to travel until the day I die”.

So, how do I live? As high vibrational as I can. This means being as clean as I can according to what makes me happy (your relationship to what you do and eat and how it makes you feel is an important component – that’s why some people get sick doing something while other’s don’t). I try to give myself at least 12-16 hours break between dinner and my next meal. I’m 100% vegetarian and about 95% on a whole food, plant based diet, which includes minimal processed foods and sugar. I still have a small weakness for chocolate every now and then, and no longer drink alcohol (been there – done that – H20 all the way!), or do heavy drugs and I do my best to only use natural products in the home and on my body. I can have my blowouts every so often (a big pizza or ice-cream) and I never apologise for my decisions nor judge others for theirs. I meditate every day and continue to practice Ashtanga yoga most days alongside riding, snowboarding and any other adventure I can find.

Most importantly, I do what I want, because it’s right for me. I don’t change to suit someone else or behave in ways that don’t resonate with me just to make other’s feel Ok or because someone told me to.

If you choose to eat crap, smoke or drink, then eat your heart out baby. Don’t apologise, own it. This is your life. Just remember, your body is your vehicle and what you do with it, may determine how long it will last and how well it runs later on in life.

Play hard. Live long. Thrive.