The discipline of a home yoga practice

It’s true what they say…that the hardest thing about a home yoga practice, is getting on the mat.

As you begin this interesting journey of self practice, you come up against yourself, your housework, your family and your devices, your thoughts, your frustrations and your will, or lack of.

As soon as you get up to attend to any one of those (or other) things, it’s much harder to get back into the practice.

Setting times and routines can be a killer for many people, and rightly so! But for yoga, this is the key. If you can set a time during the day for your practice, without your device and distractions, you will, in time begin to understand the absolute joy of practicing yoga on your own terms, at your own pace and free from striving for perfection, if that’s your way.

Although I do miss a Mysore class (where you take your practice in a room with others at your own pace, and a teacher comes around to assist and adjust you individually), it’s more for the people than the adjustments. I miss the energy of a (Mysore style) class, and I’m loving my home yoga routine. It’s special and it’s mine. I sink deeply into my practice, sometimes outdoors on the deck in summer months, other times in the wee hours of the winter morning, as the sun rises and often with my cat as company.

If you’re new to yoga, or lack discipline, then definitely classes are for you. Even during times like now, where you may be forced to stay home, take up the offer of online yoga classes and slowly try one day at a time to practice your yoga on your own.

It takes discipline, determination and commitment and I can promise you, it’s well worth the effort.

Let me know if you would like to create or start your home practice. I’ll help you get your act together and a routine that works for your lifestyle and time allowances 🙂