Mastering Your Emotional Symphony

Emotions are often feared. We talk well about the good ones – love, joy, excitement, yet we often talk about our darker emotions as though they should be eliminated. Like they shouldn’t be a welcomed part of our lives.

Imagine you were a world class pianist and were sitting in front of a grand piano ready to play one of your favourite pieces. You look down and discover that a couple of the keys have been taken out because the tone was a bit low and sorrowful for the audience to bear.

Your musical performance is now flawed. The piece is incomplete.

I liken our emotional range to a grand piano. We have the capability to play the most beautiful, uplifting tunes and can express our deepest anger and sorrow with divine intelligence and beauty.

When harnessed with conscious awareness, we can hold the full spectrum of our emotions within us. Knowing how to play our brightest and darkest tunes without impacting others in unwanted ways.

This is what I would consider emotional intelligence and is something we are often not taught, but must learn ourselves. It may mean facing some of the faulty programming installed in us from childhood, especially if your caregivers did not have any emotional intelligence of their own.

Like riding a bike though, with practice you can become exceptionally good at this skill. No matter how old you are, or what you have done in your past, you can learn to be a master of your own emotional symphony.