Making the world a better place one sustainable peg at a time

Sustainable living is my thing and when I find a product that I’ve been waiting for, for a long time, I get very excited. I’ve tried wooden pegs (they tend to get mouldy) and I hate plastic pegs, so what a find for a greenie like me.

Marine grade sustainable stainless steel clothes pegs!

I was totally buzzing when I saw these funky little stainless steel pegs and bought them immediately.

It was a cute little shop in Glenfield Mall called Gecko in the Village – Living with love. It’s a great little shop for fun and sustainable gifts. They cost NZD$22 and are worth every penny.

I’ll be posing my sustainable finds here from now on and am excited to showcase all the amazing, sustainable household and green living items I’ve come across, tested and use.

Go get them immediately!