Secretly want to quit your job?

When I quit my job, I was terrified!

I’ve done this a couple of times without any secure job to go to, and I never regretted it! .

What? Why? What are you going to do?? These are the common responses when you do something out of the norm. When you follow your inner urges even though those wise, sane and secure individuals in your life are unable to understand your reasoning.

I’m lucky in that respect. My partner and family are 100% supportive of my crazy initiatives!

But this isn’t the case for everyone. Many times dreams are put to the side as fear and insecurity pull our inner urges under, back to the safe and regular place we settle in to.

Safe. Regular. Settle or my favourite “That’s nice”. Nice! If I ask you how I look, please don’t say nice! Tell me I’m looking fantastic, radiant and alive! And if I don’t then…OK…nice will do :/

The point is, your inner being doesn’t want to settle. Doesn’t want regular. It wants to shine. To burst forward out of normal and scream “I AM FREAKING HERE!”

When is the right time? Never. There is only now and now is moving into tomorrow fast.

Don’t wait for the right time, the perfect website, the perfect picture, painting, dance moves. Take one step forward. Then another, and another and focus only on what you want to achieve. 

Talk and think on nothing less.

Live Well. Be Brave.