Coaching & Guidance

How I can help

Every session, technique, and process is dependent on you and your needs.

We talk, strategise, explore options and set goals when appropriate. Sometimes we just sit with the issues and see what comes out.

What we won’t do, is rehash your past over and over, until you’re a mess. We may briefly touch some old wounds if necessary but I’m about moving forward. Making lasting changes and holding you accountable for your future.

You will discover how to:

  • Express yourself with confidence
  • Manage conflict and express anger without losing your cool
  • Have difficult conversations at work and home
  • Learn to ask for what you need
  • Negotiate successfully
  • Lead teams, projects and people
  • Present yourself and your ideas professionally
  • Cope with stress and anxiety
  • Develop your career without destroying your personal life
  • Make healthy lifestyle choices
  • Foster great relationships
  • Work with, not against the flow

My Credentials

  • Masters in Communication
  • Graduate Diploma in Psychotherapy
  • Graduate Diploma in Professional Coaching
  • YA500 & YA300 Ashtanga Yoga Teacher
  • Business owner, Mum, Wife, Life

Consultations priced on a sliding scale to suit what your budget allows. 
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