Coaching & Guidance

There are many ways to balance your mental/emotional, physical, social and spiritual foundations. It’s just a matter of finding what ones are right for you.

How I work

Knowing that everyone is unique, means that every session, technique, and process is dependent on you and your needs.

My job is to coach and guide you towards accessing your inner strength and wisdom, so you can live well, thrive and excel in whatever you do.

Together we explore:

  • Alignment: physical, mental/emotional, social, spiritual
  • Living at your potential
  • Moving beyond old patterns of behaviour & thought
  • Managing difficult emotions
  • Healthy relationships with self & others
  • Healthy communication with self & others
  • Healthy lifestyle choices
  • Living well

Practices include:

  • Having honest conversations & asking tough questions
  • Personal coaching & guidance
  • Interpersonal (External) communication coaching
  • Intrapersonal (Internal) communication coaching
  • Yoga movement & philosophy
  • Mindfulness, meditation, breath-work
  • Goal setting & achieving
  • Spiritual guidance

This may mean:

  • Listening to your story
  • Helping unearth faulty beliefs
  • Uncovering dysfunctional behaviours
  • Setting goals & strategies to move forward
  • Learning to communicate needs/wants
  • Understanding the importance of internal dialogue
  • Managing emotions
  • Finding out who you are & what you want

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