About me

Hey I’m Bonnie

This is a little about myself if you are interested in knowing more about who I am and why I do what I do.

I didn’t want to put all if this out there. It is my past and I have long since left all this part of my live behind me. I have been told that some of you may be interested. And that this may help us make a connection that sometimes only shared experiences can forge.

At 5 years I lost both parents and from then on life involved alcohol, anger, fighting, verbal aggression, rejection and uncertainty. By 12 sexual exploitation was normal and by 13 I had begun my journey into drug and alcohol abuse. By 24 I had spent a year in India and another 2.5 years in Italy where I met my husband and became a mum. By 26 I was a solo mum and a widow as my husband chose to take his own life.

I lived daily in anxiety, grief, anger, confusion, feeling lost and alone, rejection, fear, lack of self esteem and self worth, shame, guilt and never feeling that I belonged anywhere.

I decided to come clean, go to therapy and put myself into university.

From there on I began to turn my life around. Spent time in the corporate arena, owned a business, became self employed, studied professional coaching and on the story goes.

During this entire time (from 14 years old) I practiced and studied Yoga. This gave me something to hold on to as I tried to understand what the hell was going on inside of me. At 24 I started my Hatha teacher training – but only made it half way through and in my late 30’s became a fully trained Ashtanga yoga teacher.

So instead of using my past to define my future, I use my past to empower my future as I look forward with excitement, hope, love and an understanding that no matter what happens next, I’ve got this.

Live well. Be brave.

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