A damn good chicken replacement

I was challenged not long ago about eating meat substitutes such as Beyond Meet Burger patties and Boarless Bacon rations. I tried to understand their logic, I really did. But I couldn’t see the point behind their argument about eating a meat substitute being just as unethical (compared to…??).


I explained that I am 90% whole food, plant based for a number of reasons (that I won’t go in to, as it a personal choice and I prefer people did their own research). I have no issue with others who eat flesh, I was bought up as one. Pot calling the kettle black and all that.

So…that aside….when I do find a good vegan alternative I celebrate!! You see sometimes legumes just don’t cut it. Ask my son who revolted against a chickpea not butter chicken, or lentil burgers. Parents you can just imagine right??!!


For non plant based eaters, what I find the hardest about eating a plant based diet, is that I struggle to find a good replacement for certain dishes. For example butter chicken or good sausages.

Now I can eat a non-chicken salad, make a yummy burger or a non bacon BLT bagel. Delicious!

Happy days 🙂