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Specialising in Mental, Emotional, Physical & Spiritual Alignment

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To be functioning at your fullest potential, you need to be balanced mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I know how hard it is to keep it all together and have had to pull my big girl panties up and battle through many times.

I draw on over 30 years of Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga practice (5 years teaching), training in Communication (M.Comm), Professional Coaching (G.Dip.Prof.Coach), and current studies in Psychotherapy to help my clients remove the blocks that stop them from living the lives they truly desire.

Yoga for Mental & Physical Balance

Yoga for Mental & Physical Balance

I practice Ashtanga yoga regularly (yoga as in physical, mental and emotional stabilization techniques) and teach variations of this, including Hatha yoga, Yin, meditation, mindfulness, breath work and yes, a sweaty, challenging physical yoga practice if that’s your thing (It’s kind of mine).

We may not use yoga as a tool and if we do, what we utilise depends on your needs not mine, and may or may not include one or a combination of all the physical, mental and spiritual yogic components.

We can work together on your ideas of physical health and wellness, help stabilise  your mental/emotional turmoil and facilitate the re/connection to self through movement, breath, meditation, mindfulness or a combination of all.

What you will need is a wee bit of self discipline and a crap load of courage. I’m up for it if you are!

Personal & Professional Change

Are you happy in your career? Do you feel like you are living a life in line with your values, goals and dreams? Do you even know what your dreams are? Or are they someone else’s idea of what your dreams should be?

Change can be incredibly uncomfortable. Facing your inner demons, bad habits and self sabotaging behavioral patterns can be hard, scary in fact, and often in the too hard basket. Add to that family and financial pressures and basically you feel screwed, right?

It’s OK we’re all a little messy inside!

You need to think about your options and what you really want to do with the rest of your life. By my calculations I have about 45 years left and I’m not wasting another moment of it!

You have every right to stay as you are, just don’t complain about it and blame everyone else for your f!@k ups. Or, you can get uncomfortable, take responsibility and start making the right moves.

Personal & Professional Change

About Me

I’ve been playing in life’s crazy little sandpit for 46 years now. There are times where I’ve managed to really screw things up. I’ve also managed to get some shit right. You see I recognised quite early on that I was a bloody mess. Not a total screw-up, just very messy inside sometimes. The alcohol didn’t work, the drugs were a bullshit plaster and no matter how many relationships I troweled through, unless I sorted my shit out, it was never going to work. At 14 I found yoga. I was already well into playing with drugs and alcohol, and at 20 started therapy. I had a child at 23, became a widow not long after, kicked the drugs and alcohol and put myself through a Masters degree. I’ve played in the corporate arena and still do on and off, studied for over two years to be an Ashtanga Yoga teacher, and then a life coach. I’m now in the process of training as a psychotherapist (so I can mess with your heads with at least some form of professionalism!). Live well.

Happy to chat any time, +64 21 02037733