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Changing Minds/Changing Lives

"Behave yourself, and never conform"



I’m an Auckland based Mindset Coach and Behavioural Change Specialist working on shifting fixed or stuck mindsets that result in bad habits, unproductive behaviours, general unhappiness, communication breakdown and the unhealthy management of emotions. My passions are Ashtanga Yoga, neuroscience and personal empowerment and understanding how these three connect in the change process.  My work involves finding out who you really are, what makes you tick and how we can work together, drawing on latest mind, body, behavioural research, combined with ancient practices such as mindfulness, to bring you inline with your natural state of being and to manage those difficult moments with dignity.

I’ve been experimenting on myself for over 30 years and have realised a couple of things. One is that we are more in control of our lives than we think. That how we think, how we feel and how we act determines the quality of our lives, and that our unwanted  thoughts, behaviours and feelings are often faulty programs we run from our past. Also that our brains are malleable (neuroplastic) and therefore any fixed patterns can be changed if we believe they can and are willing to put in the effort.


We have an open and honest and confidential conversation about what’s going on, what needs changing and set goals on how these changes can happen.

We look at your mindset (how you think, feel, beliefs and values), your behaviours, your habits, what’s working and what’s not and move you towards a healthier, more productive way of being that is in line with who you really want to be in this lifetime.

Think of it like going to the gym, but for the brain. You know it will take some time, and you commit yourself to the goals we set and turn up, no matter what (I’d rather have you messy than not at all).


Ashtanga yoga is my anchor and we all need one of those (not necessarily yoga). This may not be your thing and if it is we have ways and means of working with your mental/physical/emotional health through physical yoga postures, easy dialogue, mindfulness techniques and strength/flexibility training.

I practice and teach Ashtanga and Hatha yoga in Auckland, both privately and class based on request.

My Creds (Because…well…I Worked Bloody Hard For Them)

Masters in International Communication (MIC)Professional Coaching (G.D.Prof.Coach) – Current studies in Psychotherapy  – 30+ years Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga practice and teaching (AYT500) – Life


Why I Do This

I’ve decided that putting my experience to work is a damn sight better than being a victim. I realised that what I had, was a deep understanding based on experience, that allows me to really get other’s pain and suffering, wants and needs. My history is messy and my inner work is life long. I own that I’ve managed to really screw things up and I can appreciate that I’ve also managed to get some things right.

Depression, anxiety, lack of self confidence and self hatred was my normal. Anger, fighting, substance abuse and deep loneliness was all I knew. After a while, the alcohol stopped working, the drugs became a BS plaster and no matter how many relationships I troweled through I was still deeply messed up. I knew that unless I sorted my life out, became authentic and lived by my values while taking responsibility for my happiness, I was never going to be OK.

I started a life long journey of yoga and therapy. I kicked the drugs and alcohol, cleaned my life up, studied and became my own experiment for change. I had to face (and still am) some deep dark parts of myself and feel, all of it. One day I started to actually like myself. Not the me I portrayed to the world, but the real me – shadows and all. I’m not fixed (whatever that means), but I’m good enough. I own my shadows, now it’s time for you to own yours. Live well. Be Brave.

Call, Email or Message Me

bonnie@bonnieoneill.co.nz / +64 21 02037733

$160.00 per hour + travel if outside of the greater Auckland area (Skype sessions available)

$870.00 6 x 1 hour sessions booked in advance (Recommended)

Half day and full day rates by arrangement (Workshops and Seminars available).

Cancellation fees apply

Live Well, Be Brave