If you want to make a difference, break free from normal and become more conscious, centred and aligned, then this is for you.

I’m Bonnie, a coach, guide, therapist and ashtanga yoga teacher. I help people get their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual selves back on line.

I specialise in self awareness and self confidence, anxiety and emotional management and personal and professional communication.

You’ll learn to hold yourself steady, no matter what’s going on, express yourself with clarity and be a safe and trusted anchor, for those around you.

Ashtanga yoga is my practice and I teach this method both publicly and privately on request.

Find out my credentials and how I can help.

Consultations priced on a sliding scale to suit what your budget allows.
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Ashtanga & Hatha Yoga Classes for Alignment, Strength & Flexibility


Join me as I take you through a led online Ashtanga or Hatha yoga practice live from my studio. Classes are uniquely small with comprehensive instructions in alignment and safety with individual attention given as needed.

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