Integrative Therapy for Physical, Mental & Emotional Alignment, Strength & Flexibility

Know yourself. Speak your truth. Be fearless. Happy. Healthy. Disciplined. Manage your anxieties and emotions. Live well. Be brave. Shine.

If your life looks great from the outside but you feel like crap on the inside, it’s time we had a chat

Hi I’m Bonnie, an integrative therapist who combines yoga, personal development coaching, psychotherapy and science to help you get back on track mentally, physically and spiritually.

It’s about getting to know yourself in all your messy glory. Respecting your body, mind and soul and living a life in line with your values. It’s about communicating your needs, being brave and living a life that’s authentic, bold and unapologetic.

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Living a full and empowered life isn’t about being perfect. It’s not about having a life that is free from obstacles. It’s about meeting those obstacles with grace, determination and humility and responding from a place of authenticity, personal power and kindness.

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Integrative Therapy

Online or Onsite

Together we figure out what changes need to take place for you to feel empowered, in control, connected and alive again. You may want to learn how to hold yourself with grace and alignment, communicate your needs without loosing your composure or manage your emotions. You may want to move away from repeating old habitual thoughts and behaviours, and form new, authentic and healthy ways of living. You may not even know what you need. I can help with that too.

Private Yoga

Online or Onsite

Customised yoga sessions can be taken alone or with friends. Private yoga classes help you gain experience with yoga, confidence in your body, alignment, strength and flexibility and are ideal if you are new to yoga, have been away a while or are looking to advance your practice. You may need to focus on specific issues such as working with an injury, or towards a specific purpose such as relaxation, meditation and stress release.

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For Online Ashtanga & Hatha Yoga Classes


Join me as I take you through a led online Ashtanga or Hatha yoga practice live from my studio. Classes are uniquely small with comprehensive instructions in alignment and safety with individual attention given as needed.

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