Personal Change Agent

Shining light in dark places


I help regular, quite normal and reasonably balanced people (hehe) figure out why, after having done all the right things and followed all the right rules, are still deep down bloody unhappy.

I want to challenge you until you’re living up to your ideals, by your rules and in line with what you believe is right for you (as long as this is conscious and considerate of those around you).


I draw on my coaching skills, yoga practice and training in psychotherapy, blending techniques until I’ve cooked up a method that works for you. This may mean pure coaching based methods, yoga if that’s your goal or a blend of centering techniques and discussion/goal setting. Many boats to cross a river right?


Masters in International Communication – Professional Coaching (G.D.Prof.Coach) – Current studies in Psychotherapy (AUT)  – 30+ years Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga practice and teaching (AYT500)

About Me

There are times where I’ve managed to really screw things up. I’ve also managed to get some shit right.

Depression, anxiety, lack of self confidence and self hatred was my normal. The alcohol didn’t work, the drugs were a bullshit plaster and no matter how many relationships I troweled through I was still deeply messed up. I knew that unless I sorted my shit out and took responsibility for my happiness, I was never going to be OK.

I started a life long journey of yoga and therapy, kicked the drugs and alcohol and put myself through a Masters degree. I’ve owned my own business and played in the corporate arena, studied for over two years to be an Ashtanga Yoga teacher, and then a professional coach. I’m now in the process of training as a psychotherapist. I am not fixed (whatever that means), but I’m good enough. I own my shit, now it’s time for you to own yours. Live well. Be Brave.

Happy to chat any time (within reason :)

Email or text so we can set up a time to chat/meet. Skype and WhatsApp sessions also work.

I’m based in Auckland, New Zealand and can travel wherever needed.
+64 21 02037733

$125.00 per hour + travel / Cancellation fees apply