Health and Lifestyle Coaching

Health and Lifestyle Coaching

My work as a Health and Lifestyle Coach, is to help you figure out what steps you need to take, that suit your lifestyle, to bring you more inline with who you want to become.

How it works

A initial session can include us discussing your health and/or lifestyle needs and finding strategies to bring you closer to these ideals. 

We set goals/timelines and use coaching tools to help with decisions, clarity or to unearth your next step in your journey.

I ask questions as a tool for helping you find the answers, rather than tell you what to do. This is the essence of coaching and is what differs coaching from consulting or mentoring.

Sessions may be a one off consultation for clarity or decision making assistance, or may be weekly or monthly meetings. We may work together for a few weeks or months, as we work towards bringing you inline with your goals and desires. All it takes is your commitment and willingness to change.


$80 per hour

$120 per 1.5 hours


Coaching sessions can be held in a location of your choice. This may be at work, in a cafe, out in nature or at my home. The most important thing, is that you are comfortable. It also goes without saying, that all conversations are private and confidential.