Consultation Process & Cost


How the change process works

A initial session takes an hour or so and will include us discussing your goals and aspirations, before finding strategies to bring you closer to these ideals. What strategy I use, will depend on you, the day and how you feel. It is very much an organic process underpinned by clear mind and body techniques.

Sessions may be a one off consultation for clarity or decision making assistance, or a physical yoga session to stretch, injury advice or adjustments for dedicated practitioners. This may also be weekly or monthly meetings as we work towards bringing you inline with your goals and desires.


Consultations can be held in a location of your choice. This may be at work, in a cafe, out in nature or at my home. The most important thing, is that you are comfortable. It also goes without saying, that all conversations are private and confidential.


$100 per hour in house
$150 1.5 hours in house
$120 per hour if I come to you
$170 per 1.5 hours if I come to you | 021 02037733