What we can change

Your physical health and wellness: Yoga, diet, your idea of a healthy lifestyle, exercise

Where your heads at: Stress, anxiety, depression, solo parenting, conflict etc

Spiritual crisis: Death, philosophy, self-inquiry

Communicating consciously: Personal relationships, organisational, interpersonal, public speaking, conflict resolution, team work, verbal/written

Getting your emotions in check: Pretty self explanatory really

In a nutshell...I help people sort out whatever it is that needs sorting. For over 20 years I've had a passion for health, philosophy, scriptures, yoga, alternative ways of living and more recently neuroscience and quantum mechanics and how this fits with spiritual discourse. This was not because life was a box of roses....quite the opposite in fact...It was one big shit fight from about 5 years old onward.

What do I know? Not a lot really LOL. I do know this, that there are alternative options to our personal hell and we don't have to live in physical, mental or emotional pain if we don't want to. I also know that communicating clearly and consciously is important and when I'm feeling good physically, mentally and emotionally and living in line with my values, I can achieve anything.

 I still mess up...I deal with it as consciously as I can. I apologise when I need to but decided some time ago to never apologise for who I am.

What I can do

I can help you change what you can and cope with what you can't.

If you're interested in having a chat let me know and we can make a time to catch up.


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Masters in International Communication

Post Grad Diploma in Professional Coaching

Advanced RYT500 Ashtanga Yoga Teacher trained

Certificates in Hatha, Restorative, Meditation, Philosophy, Mindfulness