How I Can Help

Physical health and wellness (Exercise, diet and lifestyle changes)
Mental health (Stress, anxiety, depression)
Spiritual discourse (Death, philosophy, self-inquiry)
Communication (Personal, organisational, interpersonal, self)
Professional (Budgeting, career, business)

I love to help people help themselves, through health, self awareness and conscious living. For over 20 years I've studied philosophy, scriptures, yoga and more recently neuroscience and how this fits with spiritual discourse. Experimenting on myself, until I found what works for me. It's not always been easy. I challenge myself every day to be a better person - shining light on those shadier parts of myself that need changing. Sometimes it feels too hard...and it's in those moments I dig deep and pull my s#!t together. I still mess up...I deal with it as consciously as I can. I apologise when I need to but decided some time ago to never apologise for who I am.

What I do

I teach the Ashtnaga Yoga method as I understand it, try to help people change through transformational coaching and  guide people in communicating consciously. I’ve experimented with enough techniques (good and bad), to have a (good) toolbox of strategies I use, that help me change what I can and cope with what I can't. I offer these tools to others, to help them do the same.

If you're interested in having a chat, you want to make some changes, or you want to explore a bit of yoga, let me know and we can make a time to catch up.


Yoga: Ashtanga | Hatha | Yin Transformational Coaching: Life | Health | Professional | Communication Classes | Workshops | Seminars | Private | Corporate



Masters in International Communication

Post Grad Diploma in Professional Coaching

Advanced RYT500 Ashtanga Yoga Teacher trained

Hatha, Restorative, Meditation, Philosophy, Mindfulness

bonnie@bonnieoneill.co.nz | +64 21 02037733