Change what you can and deal gracefully with what you can't

Yes...really. Life's never going to be 100 perfect...but it can be pretty damn close. The crap in between? Well that's called life my friend. Until you're perfect...and that's not bloody likely in this lifetime...you will have to face different degrees of BS as you face yourself, grow and change what you have to.

I specialize in personal change management. This means not only figuring out your issues, but taking you though the entire change process from beginning to end. Staying with you until you've reached your goals and/or had enough of me.

My creds are: (Because apparently this makes me legit)

Masters in International Communication

Post Grad Diploma in Professional Coaching

Advanced RYT500 Ashtanga Yoga Teacher trained

Certificates in Hatha, Restorative, Meditation, Philosophy, Mindfulness, Conflict management


If you want to have a quick chat give me a call, text or email. Who knows, we may just be able to sort it out.